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Rampion Office

Rampion Enterprises has been successfully distributing sports product for over 40 years. Brands like Adidas, Ashworth, Cleveland Golf, Ogio, Sun Mountain, Roots Golf, Travis Mathew, Mons Royale, Bataleon, Switchback and more. Over the years, these brands have all called Rampion’s 20,000 square foot office and warehouse space home, and these lucrative partnerships have added to the Company’s ability to attract innovative and exciting brands. We openly admit that we prefer developing new lines rather than picking up large, successfully-proven brands, and this has allowed us to bring in the line that gave Rampion its unique bragging rights: being the first Canadian distributor to bridge the gap between golf, corporate and action sports. In the year 2000, after the successful golf bag company Sun Mountain decided to bring its Canadian operations back to its Montana base, Rampion picked up the distribution for OGIO, which at the time was primarily a golf bag focused company. Within a year, OGIO decided to branch off into more of the sports it had passions for, including motocross, motorcycling, snowboarding, BMX, skiing and surfing. While still maintaining its success in the travel, school, golf and its new action sports divisions, OGIO was also developing and manufacturing baseball and hockey bags for Easton Sports, and the golf bags for Callaway. With time & change, come different directions and different brands to the Rampion distribution arsenal.

Rampion also has a focused corporate division based out of our Delta office. By offering our brands to our developed corporate division, it allows for a substantial increase in sales of the brands and allows Rampion to increase our warehoused product based on the ‘stock at once’ nature of the corporate world. Any brand that can be decorated, whether it be embroidered, screened, plated, etc. gives Rampion the ability to easily increase the sales over and above the forecasted amount of that through the traditional retail avenues.

Over the last 40 years, Rampion has been able to thrive off the success of our products, allowing new and prospective brands a leg up on the competition by way of piggy backing on the other brands we distribute. At this time Rampion handles the sale & distribution for Southern California’s LinkSoul golf clothing, popular woman’s clothing sports brand JoFit, Vancouver designed & developed men’s performance brief 2UNDR, & the ultra-premium and intuitive line of luggage, packs & accessories Projekt. Rampion’s newest addition to its arsenal is Southern California LinkSoul clothing.

Rampion’s uniqueness comes by its ability to develop brands that cater to a variety of industries and markets, from action sports to golf, school, corporate ASI, travel and business. With eighteen sales reps, more than twenty office employees and collaborate relationships with many of the professional athletes that use and endorse our products, Rampion continues to climb the ranks of the top distributors in the country. We believe that Rampion’s name will continue to grow in popularity for brands looking for a financially secure, sales and marketing driven distributor in Canada. There is no doubt as to why Rampion has become synonymous with the successful growth of new and exciting lines hitting the market.